The word ‘Emisha’ originates from the Zulu language and represents Innovation. Our company has been founded on the philosophy that ideas are only part of the solution; bringing them forth into actuality is also a core part of the process. Emisha is about taking something which already exists and making it better. Either by putting things together in a new way or reforming them for a different purpose. With these points cemented into the very foundations of our business; our goal is to bring together the most innovative people, partners, and products, to help our customers form something that is truly iconic and exceptional in its own right.

Our People - Behind Emisha is a talented team that collectively harness decades of global experience, drive, and passion for delivering nothing short of perfection for our customers.

Our Partners – Emisha believes in the theory of combined strengths and is proud to work with partners who are aligned not only in their beliefs and ideas but also with their actions and results.

Our Products – Emisha is forever striving to bring unique, useful, market-leading products and services to form solutions that truly deliver value back to our customers.

Dream Innovate Deliver